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About Recess Sportfishing

The origins of Recess Sportfishing go back to the early ‘90s when Dave Workman, Jr. and Frank Cole collaborated on the design, construction, outfitting and fishing of “RECESS”.  A custom boat built by Tides Boatworks of Irvington, Virginia, “RECESS” set a new standard in small sportfishing boats.  At 27’10” long and powered with a 300 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine, “RECESS” was a “small big boat” – a stable, fast and economical platform for chasing big fish in big water. 

But what made “RECESS” special was the unique and innovative features often only found on the big dollar, big boats custom built in Palm Beach and the Carolinas.  Concealed state-of-the-art electronics raised out of the helm by an electrical activator and computerized electric teaser reels had not previously been found on this class of boat.  The full teak deck and teak covering boards not only added to the classic styling of “RECESS”, but also enhanced her fishability.  “RECESS” fished the blue water off Jacksonville and St. Augustine before moving to her long-term home in Elbow Cay in the Northern Bahamas.  Off Northeast Florida and the Bahamas, “RECESS” was responsible for many remarkable catches of Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo and Dolphin before retirement in the late ‘90s. 

With the retirement of “RECESS”, Recess Sportfishing moved inshore – transitioning from fishing in thousands of feet of water to mere inches of water.  While the water depth and the target species may have changed, the passion never has.  The challenge of catching big fish in shallow water is every bit as alluring and rewarding.  The spell-binding beauty of our tidal creeks and coastal waters rival any sights associated with bluewater fishing.  And, it’s all here in our own backyard – just a short boat ride away.

Whether you desire to seek your thrills in the rivers and creeks of Northeast Florida or “outside the rocks” in the nearshore waters of the Atlantic, Recess Sportfishing has the equipment, the experience, the expertise and the enthusiasm to make your fishing dreams come true.  Let’s go fishing!

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