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Our Boats

2002 Hell's Bay Waterman

The original vessel in the fleet is a 2002 Hell’s Bay Waterman rigged with a 40 horsepower Four-Stroke Mercury outboard motor.  The Hell’s Bay is a no-frills, hard-core technical poling skiff designed to negotiate the shallowest of water and the narrowest of creeks in pursuit of giant Redfish no one would believe lives in such shallow, tight environs.  Drawing less than four inches of water with two persons on board, the Hell’s Bay can truly go anywhere a Redfish can swim.

Recess Sportfishing is one of the few Northeast Florida guide services to offer two different boats to its clients, each specially designed, built and outfitted to provide the absolute best opportunity to pursue any targeted species in virtually any fishable conditions

2016 Pathfinder TRS

The newest addition to Recess Sportfishing is a 2016 Pathfinder TRS powered by a 300 horsepower Yamaha Four-Stroke outboard motor.  The Pathfinder floats shallow enough to fish the creeks for Redfish and Trout, but is seaworthy enough to comfortably and safely run the beach for Cobia, Kingfish and Tarpon.  Under the right conditions, even a trip to nearby offshore reefs for bottom-fishing is an option. 


Outfitted with a custom T-top and plenty of safe, comfortable seating, the Pathfinder offers great versatility and comfort.  The Pathfinder is rigged with state-of-the-art electronics and a top-notch trolling motor and Power Pole. 

Whether an angler prefers the purist simplicity of the Hell’s Bay or the comfortable versatility of the Pathfinder, Recess Sportfishing has the bases covered. 

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